Requiem for a (antidepressant) Dream . . .

It's easy for us artists to get lost in our dreams. . .actually, most everything is a dream to us. A recent article published in the WSJ Health Journal explores the effects that Antidepressants, among other medications, have on our dreams -
". . . Sleep experts say medications particularly apt to bring troubling dreams are those that affect neurotransmitters, the brain's chemical messengers that influence sleep cycles, among other things. That includes most antidepressants, as well as antihistamines and anticholinergic drugs used to treat a broad range of conditions, from overactive bladder to bronchial spasms. Sleeping pills can also disrupt sleep cycles and cause nightmares. . ."
I don't really mind these vivid dreams. However disturbing they may be, dreams are the neurotransmitters that influence superlative art.

Dream on, Dreamers.

The Mad Boy

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