The Madness of Integrity . . .

So, I thought I would take a tiny break from working on the new site (MadBoy.org coming soon!) and write a blurb on integrity - very much inspired by the Dr. Conrad Murray trial . . .

I could care less what happens to Dr. Murray and don't have an opinion on the specific outcome . . . There is one item of importance that resonates in my mind, however - INTEGRITY

Artists share a unique role in the world, alongside Doctors, Politicians, any Public Figure - We are movers. While our work may not always be liked or embraced, there is no denying the fact that the most important work moves people (sometimes shakes in all directions!)

I'm sure everyone can think of at least one 'mover' who has given away their integrity, or simply put - SOLD OUT. Sadly, too many of our movers give away their integrity for so little when it is all we really have in this life. . . 

Take all of this as you will (although I'm not afraid to say there's not a lot of integrity left in the US Government . . said it, don't care!)

Be YOU and superlative Art will follow, I promise.

The Mad Boy


MadBoy.org is coming soon . . .


Quick update - the reason there hasn't been any updates is beeeecaaauuuse TheMadBoy.blogspot.com will soon become MadBoy.org! Lot's of sleepless nights at the ward . . . er, I mean sleepless nights in my room with my imaginary friends.

Much better to be sleepless, agitated & excited than to be lukewarm, stagnant & content.

The Mad Boy


Psychoactive Ciné: The Perfect Host

Ran across this interesting movie without hearing anything about it. Well, it's pure mayhem . . . How can you go wrong with a schizophrenic serial killer imaginary dance party with an amazing soundtrack? If you are wondering what happens at the dinner parties at my house, this about sums it up. Check out this movie if you want to be hilariously disturbed . . .

The Mad Boy


Chapter II: The Artist's Guide to Understanding the DSM-V

This is the new video from APA President John Oldham, discussing the latest revisions to the upcoming DSM-5.

I mad a post, I mean I made . . . no, mad . . . a few days ago about the revisions to the DSM. I know what you're thinking, well I don't actually know but I'm used to talking to myself. . . we aren't doctors and this isn't something an artist is concerned with - wrong!

We are Artists and the benefits of Mental Healthcare go far beyond us feeling better. . . I'll explain later, here is a quick overview of the video:
  • Over 500 experts are working to release the DSM-V in Spring 2013.
  • This version progresses many out-dated disorders & ties in what we've learned over the last 20 years (when the last DSM was published)
  • There is something called the 'Scientific Review Committee' - basically a way to make sure any revisions are legit.
  • The general definition of Personality Disorders is broken down into two categories:
    • Significant impairment of of the self or identity.
    • Significant impairment of interpersonal functioning (i.e. empathy or intimacy)
  • Personality Disorders will fall under 6 main categories: antisocial, avoidant, borderline, narcissistic, obsessive-compulsive & schizotypal.
  • 'Personality Disorder Traits Specified' describes specific traits of each category & is aimed and helping those who are only half-nuts.
  • What reason is there for another DSM, is it necessary?
" . . . It has been over 20 years since the last version was published. In those twenty years we've made explosive progress in understanding and treatment. [Dr. Oldham] believes we are more than ready & if anything overdue to define how we treat Mental Illness . . . "
So - this update is VERY important to us Mad Artists. Why? Because Mental Illness stifles creative innovation.

Yes I know, Art History is riddled with stories depicting the Troubled Artist - don't be fooled by this simplistic notion. Art moves us because it is the literal manifestation of emotion. . . This is WHY, even centuries later, the desperate music of Schubert or tragic eccentricity of Dali can bring you to your knees. . . Mental Illness disconnects an Artist from emotions. Emotion is your friend!

It's ok to be sad, to be angry, to be frantic. . . It's OK to be happy. . . But don't mistake Mental Disorders for emotions, they're not. They will do nothing less than nullify your creativity if left unchecked.

Be ridiculous.
Be hilarious.
Be enraged.
Be mad!

But more than anything - be you,

The Mad Boy