Creative Legacies: Communism & Mad Ingenuity

"Salute", Yue Minjun 

Li Dazhao
Today is the birthday of Li Dazhao, one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party. There's a special place in my heart for China - not because I'm Communist, I'm not that Mad - it's for their Art. One of the Ba rong, ba chi state::

Be disciplined and law-abiding; not chaotic and lawless

Through deep satire, China's subculture of Mad Art is just that - chaotic & lawless . . . hence their place in my heart.

Steve Jobs, 2.24.55 - 10.5.11 
Sadly, We have lost one of our own, Steven Jobs - truly a Mad Genius. Admiring the influential legacy forged by his creativity & imagination, I reflect on what creative legacy I wish to forge . . . Although, I don't try to KNOW what lies ahead.

In the diary of a 16 year-old Robert Schumann, the fellow Mad Boy puts it best -

What I really am I myself do not know clearly. I am certain of having some imagination, and nobody has denied me this. I am not a profound thinker: I can never logically proceed along a line of thought which I may have started well. Whether I am a poet - one has to be a poet, never can become one - posterity will have to judge.

The Mad Boy

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