Most everyone's mad here . . .

Two things first! Then I will explain the title, if I must . . .

Thing One -

The Mad Boy has a wondrous new Promo video, I'd love to share it with someone other than myself . . .

Thing Two -

I am happy to introduce Mad Reveries - which is just a fancy name for Interviews. This Mad Boy will share my conversations with other Mad Artists, and showcase their Wonderful Creations just for you - No subject is taboo! Except for maybe Taboo. . . . I will also share my chats with different Mental Health Professionals (Of course none of my own - that would surely scare you silly!)

There are people, lot's of people, just like us my friend, and it's time for you to meet them, you see?

If you are an Artist or Mental Profession or alive, and would like to be featured in the Mad Reveries, feel more than free to contact - TheMadBoyBlog@gmail.com . . . I'd love to devour your brain and present it to the masses!

About the title - You will often find references from the book Alice in Wonderland, there is probably a reason this story made so much sense to the Mad Child I once was . . .
Cheshire Cat: If I were looking for a white rabbit, I'd ask the Mad Hatter.  
Alice: The Mad Hatter? Oh, no no no...  
Cheshire Cat: Or, you could ask the March Hare, in that direction.  
Alice: Oh, thank you. I think I'll see him...  
Cheshire Cat: Of course, he's mad, too.  
Alice: But I don't want to go among mad people.  
Cheshire Cat: Oh, you can't help that. Most everyone's mad here.  
[laughs maniacally; starts to disappear 
Cheshire Cat: You may have noticed that I'm not all there myself. . .

The Mad Boy

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